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"a person who specializes in a branch or field of a study, profession, etc."

Being a Specialist Within the Industry
We believe nothing better qualifies someone as being a specialist than by having perfected their skills over a significant period of time. In the three decades we have been working within the broadcast industry, we arguably have been involved with more design projects, large and small, than anyone else.
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  • Facility Design
  • Full Interior Design
  • News Room Design
  • Scenic Design
  • Budget Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Furniture Procurement
  • General Contractor Negotiations
exper.GIF (854 bytes) n. "knowledge and skill resulting from an activity that includes training and observation of a practice."
Broadcast Industry
MediaWay Design Inc., has been working within the broadcast industry world wide since 1979, first as G&G Designs/ Communications, the industry’s premier scenic - newsroom design company…and now as MediaWay Design Inc. A new focus, and a renewed commitment to an industry where we continue to be recognized as "the leaders in broadcast design."

Years of Experience

Our 30 years of experience have shown us the most effective and efficient ways in which to approach the design of a television station.

Most firms do not staff with broadcast specialists. With this in mind, We can assembled an experienced team of broadcast design professionals who understand the unique requirements of broadcasters.

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Flat Fee Approach
MediaWay Design Inc., unlike most firms which typically charge a percentage of the total construction cost, employs a flat fee approach to price structuring. Our formula is based on the square footage of the new design - construction or remodel. Factors such as economy of scale, material costs, and the depth of services to be rendered will also assist us in refining our formula. The benefit of this approach is clear. We stand to gain nothing through escalating costs. In fact, it is our goal to reduce the actual total construction expenditures by more than enough to offset our fee. Our knowledge and efficiency insures it.
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